Paradiso Arts incorporates two gallery spaces, one internal and one courtyard garden, at Sailors Falls. The Gallery is open at times for special exhibitions. As the Gallery/Workshop adjoins Stefan’s home, he may be conveniently contacted during and after working hours on 5348 6600, to arrange a visit to view the GALLERY and outdoor COURTYARD display.


A special event, On Any Sunday, all five Sundays of January 2022, is happening at Paradiso Arts and with some recent Media Exposure, I have decided to extend this Sale to include Sunday 6th February 2022.

In 1995, my new gallery in the restored ancient farm building was a welcoming place to visit for tourists and locals, alike. Now after 27 years, I have at the age of 70 years, decided to retire and begin planning some new adventures for this historic building.

Apart from a terrific variety of my artisan pieces, I have a large collection of gourmet serving platters in a myriad of timbers, with now reduced prices making them a steal for any keen kitchen commando.

Also included in this sale is Little Yvette, my 1917 Mack AC Bulldog truck which is in 1: 3.5 scale.

This tribute historic vehicle was originally built by me for the 2015 Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition.

The Exhibition is an Annual Event in which 100 artists from around Australia are chosen to create a new artwork to be displayed in the streets and businesses that make up the very desirable real estate, which is the Toorak Village in Toorak Road, Melbourne.

Little Yvette was inspired by the original iconic trucks built in Pennsylvania, USA and shipped to France and Belgium in great numbers to assist the Allied Forces who at that time were suffering hard going in the muddy battlefields of those two countries. History tells us that British Royal Engineers would often cry , “Call in the Bulldogs!”, when wintry conditions bogged them down, as the blunt nosed trucks reminded them of the British Bulldog. The result was that the manufacturers seized on that nickname and before too long all AC Model Macks displayed a brass plaque to that effect on the lower section of the “C” Cabin.

In 2015, while creating Little Yvette as a “Rolling Sculpture”, time ran out as the Exhibition date approached and I ended up loading her into her trailer for delivery to Toorak as an Unfinished Entry.

I made up my mind then that if she was not sold, I would bring her home, complete her to my level of satisfaction and then show her at events around Victoria.

So for the past six years she has travelled widely for a variety of events, being enjoyed by all ages and now it’s time for to go to a new home, whether mancave, corporate potential or any number of uses.

Please contact me for further information, specifications, images which can be emailed on request.


Opening Times at Paradiso Arts:

12 Noon to 5PM,

or phone for other opening times to suit.